A New Layer
An exhibition and a book, presenting a craft project between Taiwan and Sweden. Between 2012–2014, Carina Seth Andersson, TAF, Matti Klenell, and Stina...
Landscape quilt
Quilted stencil print on cotton. Measures 150x150 mm
The Nordic Courier
A presentation of cooking ingredients for the japanese online magazine The Nordic Courier. Art director: Ditte Ibfelt Andersen
Fatmomakke cabinet
Part of the project A New Layer. Measures: 160cm x 40cm x 40cm. Lacquer work by Ming-Zong Chen.
Critics in discussion
Portraits of critics within different fields of visual communication. For Tecknaren, a magazine published by The Association of Swedish Illustrators and...
The last concert
Artwork for a anti-fascist folk music concert. The concert is initiated by musicians and dancers that stand against the hijacking of folk culture by...
Lacquer print on bamboo, part of the project A New Layer. Hand printed at NTCRI in Caotun, Taiwan. Measures: 1000 x 700mm.
The Emotions issue, designed for readability together with Aron Kullander-Östling. Brand (fire in swedish) is the worlds oldest running anarchist magazine....
Delta Stool
Stools made together with Kristoffer Sundin for Örnsbergsauktionen. Material: Beech wood, filler, pigment. Photo: Viktor Sjödin
Speed Combs
Part of the project A New Layer. A series of combs made in traditional lacquer technique. Lacquer work by Mr Jiang and students, and Ming-Zong Chen.
Counteracting a class society
12 bulletin boards for ABF – The Workers Educational Alliance. For a conference on strategies for counteracting a class society. Fabric design and...
Cover illustration for Lobby, an architecture magazine. This issue discusses the fixation for spectacles in architecture and what happens when the spectacular...
Animation for the exhibition Sergel Skate at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. October 2014. Photo from exhibition by Robin Nilssen. Thanks to Marisa dal Santo for...
Temple stools
Stools in birch/pine plywood and filler, made together with Kristoffer Sundin.
A collection of six prints, woodcut and serigraphy, printed at Grafikens Hus in 2013. We're starting over, nose in the ground. Shoe as a hammer, grammar...
Got wool?
Illustrations for Hemslöjden on the amount of textiles that can be made from a single bag of wool.
Blow Up
Blue/bronze screen print, KKV 2013.
Subtopia Magazine
Drawings on Märta Thisners photography, for Subtopia. Graphic design by Parasto Backman & Bergen.
Imprint Urn & Jug
Stone ware, part of the project A New Layer. One imprint for each step in the production: the original, the cast and the finalization by hand. Clay work by...
Ecocolo Magazine
For japanese magazine Ecocolo. Recipes for food that's fun to enjoy together with kids, focusing on different textures (crispy, chewy, light, mushy and...
From a series of 30 portraits made for the Paris branch of Monki.
Meander Table
Table made together with Kristoffer Sundin for Örnsbergsauktionen. Material: Pine wood, paint, glass. Photo: Viktor Sjödin
The green guide
Book covers for Inspire magazine, about paper and ecology. Motif on full print sheet, then cut up and showing 16 different sections on the final covers.
Publish or Perish?
For an article on graphic design, publishing and changing conditions by Andrew Blauveld, featured in a catalogue made for the NY Art Book Fair by Konst & Teknik.
Konstfack Exhibition Identity
Identity for the annual Spring Exhibition at Konstfack, Stockholm. A collaboration with Aron Kullander-Östling and Stefan Engblom.
A decent life
Cover and illustrations for a report by Shadé Jalali at Arena Idé, about the consequences of lowering the minimum wage in Sweden. Graphic design by Aron...
Bloomberg View
For Bloomberg View. 1) On how Democrat self-confidence easily could turn into awkwardness, if the awareness over debts in Democrat states isn't raised....
Storage unit made for Örnsbergsauktionen, an auction focusing on contemporary craft. Photo by Erik Wåhlström
The basics
Food, travel, clothing and a roof – the basic building blocks of life according to a chinese proverb. Animations for Afteroom.
Building walls against air strikes (installation)
A project about the psychology between human and object, and the object as a totem for our existence. Between the sculptures and animations in the...